d'atzar trio





Datzar begins to walk with “The Hours”, which provides the substance for our first music.
It’s a work composed of intertwined themes, in which Time provides the leitmotif. Each hour is a mood. An attitude to a life that both gives and takes away. In which we feel we are born again for the umpteenth time. In which we pass through a cloud that darkens our existence on a winter’s afternoon. In which we enjoy a glorious morning just because the shine is shining. In which a sudden burst of euphoria enlivens us for no reason at all…

DEMO ARTWORK COVER_DATZARTHE RESTLESS HOUR  “To the hurly-burly of our daily life”. THE CLOUDS HOUR  “To the light of sunless days”. THE MOTHER HOUR  “To the time that gives us shelter”. THE STILL HOUR  “So that time does not fly. ”THE SAVAGE HOUR  “To the lion within”. THE SLENDER HOUR  “To the rebirth of every morning”. THE BAD HOUR  “A homage to darkness”. THE INFINITE HOUR  “To all present moments. ”THE MELANCHOLY HOUR  “To the ephemerality of time”. THE VOICE WITHIN  “To the wisdom that whispers. THE SERENE HOUR  “When our sight melts into the horizon”.


Who are we?

Xavier Ballesteros; Guitar and composor
Jordi Rallo; set of percussions: tablas, bendir, kanjira, cabazas, riq, pandero, darbuka, cajon, uddu, gongs..
Quim Ollé; Flute, Bass Flute and Bansuri



What do we do ?

 our intention is to span as many latitudes as we are able to in the geography of sounds

The body of repertoire is based on pieces by Xavier Ballesteros. Within the ecclectic nature of his music, and that of each member of the trio, you will hear something of the Mediterranean, as well as jazz and it’s harmonies, Flamenco and it’s rhythms, Oriental colours … windows open to views and landscapes that captivate.




Telephone: (+34) 625 088 751

Mail: datzartrio@gmail.com